Cunext Group, in the way to continuous development, has created an entire cable product range for overhead line electrification, adapting at any speed from local transport to high speed line.

Our modern technology, together with a wide experience at cable and alloy manufacturing, makes us the best partner for railway companies offering best product quality and service.

Cunext Group locate production plants at strategic places such us Córdoba, for copper products, and Vitoria and Brescia for aluminium products.


Contact wire

Contact wire has the function to transmit electrical energy from catenary to train pantograph. We produce contact in his different dimensions, slots and alloys.

Rigid cables

Cunext Group produces the different railway cable installed at catenary, messenger cable and feeder cable. They are produced in copper, bronze and aluminium.

Flexible cable

Flexible cables are used at connections and key position for catenary energy transmission.


Droppers are cables used for connecting catenary cables with contact wires. Copper and bronze droppers are produced according to railroad features.