Our wire rod copper is produced from high-grade electrolytic copper using a continuous casting and lamination process, and is finished by pickling in alcohol.

The final product is presented in coils secured onto pallets and protected with a plastic cover.


General characteristics
Material Ø Tolerance Weight
Cu ETP-1 8 ± 0,4 mm 5000-4000 Kg
10 ± 0,4 mm 5000-4000 Kg
12,5 ± 0,4 mm 4000 Kg
Electrical & mechanical characteristics
Cu ETP-1 Conductivity Elongation Tensile strenght
>101% IACS >40% 210-250 N/mm²
Product size
Coil Outer diameter Inner diameter Height
1785 mm 1150 mm 900 mm
Package Lenght Width Height
1800 mm 1800 mm 1050 mm

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