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About us

CUNEXT GROUP is an Andalusian business group that has spent years transforming copper highest quality, and today takes another step deeper into the aluminium industry . A group of companies that today has facilities in Cordoba, Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Espiel (Córdoba) and Vitoria. Our goal: To be a leader in manufacturing for efficient power transmission and data materials.


Aplicaciones del cobre

El cobre posee propiedades físicas, químicas, mecánicas y biológicas que propician su uso industrial en múltiples aplicaciones.

electrics, energetics, telecommunications and renewables energy

Copper is the metal electrical conductivity. This has become the most used material for manufacturing electrical cables, both industrial and residential use.

means of transport

Copper is used in various parts of cars and trucks, especially the radiators, brakes and bearings also naturally cables and electric motors.

building and ornamentation

Much of the water transport networks are made of copper or brass, because of its corrosion resistance and anti-microbial properties.


Since the beginning of coinage in the Ancient Age copper is used as raw material for the same, sometimes pure and, more often, in alloys.